U.S. and Japanese Antitrust and IP Perspectives on Trade Secrets and Big Data

主催 : Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider LLP /ユアサハラ法律事務所/NERAエコノミックコンサルティング

U.S. and Japanese Antitrust and IP Perspectives on Trade Secrets and Big Data(トレードシークレットとビッグデータに関わる米国及び日本の独禁法及び知的財産法に関わる展望)と題するセミナーを、Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider LLP 、ユアサハラ法律事務所、NERAエコノミックコンサルティングで共催することが決定いたしました。


Seminar Registration: 12:45-13:00
Opening Remarks and Introductions: 13:00-13:05
Topic 1:  Perspectives on Trade Secret Damages: 13:05-14:40
Trade secrets are in increasingly important part of any companies’ intellectual property.  However, because trade secrets are not registered like patents, trademarks and copyrights, the protection and enforcement of trade secret rights continue to present challenges.  This presentation will examine some of the recent changes that the U.S. and Japan have made to their trade secrets law and the impact those changes will have on trade secret owners.  We will also discuss how damages are determined for trade secret theft, including recent case examples.
Speakers: Jason Murata and John Tanski /矢部耕三 and 金子直也

Break: 15-20 minutes

Topic 2:  Antitrust and Big Data: 15:00-16:35
Companies of all shapes and sizes are increasingly looking to collect and exploit huge volumes of data in order to increase their market penetration and consumer reach.  But what happens when data becomes so big (i.e., “Big Data”) that only a few companies can collect and manipulate it to best advantage?  Antitrust authorities worldwide are currently struggling with that very question, and are becoming increasingly concerned that Big Data can create barriers to entry and concentrate market power.  This presentation will explore recent developments in the U.S. and consider future trends. 
Speakers:  Rachel Adcox/大平茂 and 石垣浩晶

日時: 2018年2月20日(金)午後1時00分〜午後4時35分(受付開始:午後12:45)
受講費: 無料



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